Pretension Does Not Equal Intelligence

Amusing article from The New York Times, of all places, about the likelihood that the young President Bush had higher IQ and SAT scores than the young John Kerry (Via Instapundit). No wonder the Times is opposed to standardized tests!
I loved this line:

Linda Gottfredson, an I.Q. expert at the University of Delaware, called it a creditable analysis said she was not surprised at the results or that so many people had assumed that Mr. Kerry was smarter. “People will often be misled into thinking someone is brighter if he says something complicated they can’t understand,” Professor Gottfredson said.

Anyway, take that for what it�s worth – I�ve always thought leadership and management ability trump raw intelligence as a measuring stick for the Oval Office – but I�ve also long wondered how many of the people who take it as an article of faith that Bush is an idiot scored below what he did on the SATs.
UPDATE: Here is the Steve Sailer article, in case you are interested.

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