2 thoughts on “The Optimists’ Club”

  1. I will say that I think people are very subdued if they are Bush supports up here in Kerry country. By a ratio of 10:1 I’m scolded at work, and the arguments are extremely emotional and irrational. (Conspiracy theories, Bush is evil type stuff). My Fiance is actually a registered republican (I’m independant myself) and she talks to no one about politics, EVER. Its too emotional for her and she doesn’t want to get into long debates and deal with the ad hominums that accompany being a Bush-er up here.
    To that extent I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a under the mainstream Bush base. But who knows, I can’t see MA ever being close.

  2. Of course its only the Lefties that resort to ad hominums.
    As my best friend (GOP sympathiser!) told me not too long ago “A vote for Kerry is a vote for Bin Laden, a vote for the Terrorists, a vote for America to be attacked again!”

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