One thought on “The Virtues of Not Voting”

  1. Simple observation….I’ve only seen conservative weblogs (like this), conservative cartoons (Mallard Fillmore) and conservative hosts (Tucker Carlson) urge people to not vote if they’re less than certain about whom they want to vote for or if they’re not educated enough about the issues.
    Considering the sources, I have to imagine that if they’re urging people not to vote, its would be liberal voters that they’re targeting and they’re targeting them based on assumptions about the cetainty/education of these voters.
    OK, maybe that’s too crass. Ammending my initial cynical inclination, the observation would at least imply that conservatives feel that the undecideds are leaning Kerry and that if they stay away from the polls their guy will win.
    Then again, perhaps they’re urging these undecideds to get educated about the issues, in which case they feel that any person who educates themselves would give their vote to Bush.
    Or perhaps they really are concerned about the fairness/legitimacy of the election and want to make sure that everybody makes their choice, be it for Bush or for Kerry, the most educated choice they possibly can.
    Could that possibly be?
    Are these conservative sources altruistically offering up unbiased advise that could possibly lead to Kerry being elected?
    Heh heh, rrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
    On the same Blog that’s linking to a site that’s given Bush a 96+% chance of winning the electoral vote, there’s a PSA to not vote if you really can’t make up you mind!
    Dems are always called too pessimistic. Too dour. And yet it seems that the Dems are the ones urging as many people to vote as possible while the GOP is trying to prevent as many people from voting as possible!
    Then again, the Dems are trying their damnedest to reduce the number of candidates on the ballot (see Nader) while the GOP is doing their damnedest to increase the number of candidates on the ballot (see Nader)!

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