Sites I’m Watching

Command Post 2004 page
NRO Kerry Spot
NRO Battlegrounders
Jay Cost
And checking in on a few others, but those are the ones to watch.
Will I be in the right-wing coccoon to some extent? Well, Election Day is one day you want the news – even and especially the bad news – from your friends. Besides, there’s always the TV.
UPDATE: I’d pass along some of the cautions you’ll see elsewhere: I’m trying not to get too excited about anecdotal reports about turnout, fragmentary exit polls, and the like. And that particularly includes voter fraud and similar shenanigans – while my two biggest concerns about this election have been litigation and fraud, I’m hoping as much as possible to keep from thinking about them. Remember that initial reports of any kind of fraud or irregularities coming out on Election Day are likely to be wrong, much the way that initial reports from a war zone (or anywhere else where there’s a lot of people, a lot of fast-moving activity and news reports rely on eyewitnesses and hearsay) tend to get a lot of the details wrong. There should hopefully be enough diligent people on hand to record the facts almost anywhere things get dicey.

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  1. Concur about not getting excited by exit polls regardless of whether the news is favorable or not. I’ve voted in several states over the years and have never seen an exit pollster. Also, I definitely don’t trust the messenger.

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