Meet the Nats, Greet the Nats�

I thought I had deleted this old post, but it looks like I was ahead of the curve for once. DC�s major league team will reportedly be called the Washington Nationals:

Nationals was the primary name of Washington’s first American League franchise from 1905 to 1957, a period that included a 1924 World Series title. At several points during that long stretch, however, Senators was used as an alternate nickname.

(Via The Corner).

5 thoughts on “Meet the Nats, Greet the Nats�”

  1. I heard that the franchise was going to called the “Lawyers.” This city is full of them and if the franchise leaves again, no one is ever sorry to see the Lawyers go away.

  2. I don�t know. Homestead Grays was a cool name and it would be a nice nod to DC�s black community, but Washington Grays sounds kind of weak. Sounds like the Washington Undecideds.
    I kind of like the Nationals, but I�m not fond of �Nats� as shorthand. We�ll see, I guess.

  3. I’m still hearing that the Nationals might not be the thing, and that could be rumor and that’s all. But hey, that could be smokescreen as well.

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