New Year, Same MVP

I can remember, back in the 1980s, when there used to be exciting and interesting arguments over the NL MVP Award – arguments about Gary Carter and Dale Murphy and Mike Schmidt and Pedro Guerrero and Andre Dawson and Ozzie Smith . . . these days, it’s just the same old thing every year – Bonds, Bonds, Bonds. There really wasn’t a way to deny him the award this season, not with an OBP over .600.

4 thoughts on “New Year, Same MVP”

  1. True – stats don’t lie in this case – he does hit the ball when it’s actually thrown to him. But it does make it rough to think that we aren’t having the days of the MVP who wasn’t a 50 homer guy anytime soon.

  2. If you had told me in 1986, when Bonds was a rookie and Roger Clemens was having his first breakout season, that they would be winning the MVP and Cy Young awards 18 years later, I�m not sure I would�ve believed you. Or that they would have 15 of those awards between them, with maybe more to come.
    Neither is a favorite of mine, but that�s just amazing.

  3. Unless voters normalized for steroids. Of course what Bonds is doing is amazing, but he’ll have a hyperdermic needle next to his name in the record books. (Caveat who knows who else is on this crap? At this point I’m about to say forget about it and let them all take the risks with their health.)

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