Friday Roundup 11/19/04

*The Tigers sign Troy Percival for 2 years, $12 million. Yes, it’s just a 2-year deal, but that’s elite closer money, and Percival’s just not worth it anymore.
*Thank you Mike Cameron? Baseball Prospectus’ latest stab at team defensive stats (subscription only) lists the Mets as #4 in the majors for 2004.
*How did I miss this one when it happened? From September, Mike’s Baseball Rants has some fun with John Kruk calling Chone Figgins – Chone Figgins – “the most valuable player in the game today.”

One thought on “Friday Roundup 11/19/04”

  1. I always loved Percival, but this is a bad move by the Tigers. Percival’s 35, coming off two injury-riddled years and they had Urbina through next year. This is not a team in the position to spend that kind of money on ANY closer, especially one who’s best days are behind him.
    On the other side, the young staff on this team will start to make progress this year (and the next) and maybe they are trying to build on any success by doing a better job preserving leads, but the problem has been getting to a closer, not so much the closer.
    Bottom line, signing Percival to team with Urbina would have been a nice move, but not at this price.
    But if it helps them sign Glaus…

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