Radke on the Block

I wonder whether it would be worthwhile for the Mets to take a look at Brad Radke, although it sounds like his asking price is fairly steep. (Then again, I loved this line: “Radke has said he wants only a two-year deal, but Simon [his agent] said that wouldn’t necessarily be the length he proposes.” Yeah, the agent will have a lot of credibility on that score.)
On the plus side, Radke’s an extreme fly ball pitcher who would profit from pitching at Shea in front of Mike Cameron. And I’m less concerned about signing a free agent pitcher in his 30s as opposed to hitters, given (1) that you need a lot of innings on a pitching staff, so there’s less sense that old guys are blocking the development of youngsters, and (2) age is less of a straight-line predictor of career path for pitchers (pitchers in their 20s are a crapshoot anyway). On the other hand, the Mets do need to keep cash free to develop the everyday lineup, and Radke is a guy who gives up a lot of hits.

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