Communications Stream of Conspiracy Commerce

Ah, the media food chain in action. As noted here and here, late Tuesday night, I banged out a quick email to Instapundit, with the following thought, in response to an item he posted about a statement by Vaclav Havel on the situation in Ukraine:

Is there any way to get Havel to come out of retirement to succeed Kofi Annan as head of the UN, please? I mean, if ever there were a guy with the guts and moral clarity to insist that the UN live up to its ideals, it’s Havel.

Instapundit quoted me by name on this, crediting me with the (admittedly somewhat fanciful) idea, with the further comment:

The more I think about it, the more I like the Havel-for-S.G. idea.

Approving links to Glenn Reynolds’ post followed from people at, among other things, the National Review, Weekly Standard and Reason Magazine. Fast forward to yesterday morning, and Reynolds had an op-ed piece on the Wall Street Journal editorial page (subscription only; it ran in the middle of the bottom of the page) promoting the idea:

Things have gotten bad enough that some are calling for Mr. Annan’s resignation, amid talk of former Czech President Vaclav Havel as successor. (“Havel for Secretary General” bumper stickers are on the Web.)

OK, so it’s not quite the same as getting published in the WSJ myself, but it took less than a week to get my suggestion onto one of the nation’s most influential op-ed pages. I’ll take that.

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