Tragedy Strikes Estrada

A lot of conservatives were frustrated when Miguel Estrada, one of the best and brightest of Bush’s judicial nominees, withdrew his nomination to the DC Circuit. Some have speculated that he may still be nominated to the Supreme Court.
Perhaps, at some point, he will. But Andrew McCarthy noted in The Corner yesterday that Estrada’s wife died on Sunday. I don’t know if she was his age (early 40s) or if they had kids, but the man will clearly have other priorities right now than the judiciary. Apparently, her death was sudden and unexpected. (Link via Bashman). For now, our prayers should be with him and his family.

One thought on “Tragedy Strikes Estrada”

  1. Tough couple years for the man. Often when we discuss politics (or even sports) we forget the subject of our concern has family and other concerns of normal life. While I was upset with the Dem’s blocking his court nomination, I’m more concerned about him dealing with his grief. To answer your question, no they did not have children.

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