Spilling The Juice

No time to blog this morning, but I’ll point you to Jeff Quinton, who picks up the NY Daily News report on Jason Giambi admitting to the BALCO grand jury that he used steroids and human growth hormone. Of course, if this story gets confirmed in the public eye – not that anybody’d be all that surprised – it would reduce Giambi’s vulnerability to blackmail by the Yankees.
Of course, the Yankees also have their hands full with not paying their taxes rent . . .
UPDATE: Fixed the reference above. Also, note that Jeremy Giambi also admitted using steroids, which is unsurprising in light of his brother’s admission:

Jeremy Giambi’s testimony mirrored his brother’s — right down to Anderson’s notifying him that he had tested positive for the steroid Deca Durabolin. Jeremy Giambi described to the grand jury how he had injected human growth hormone and testosterone he received from the trainer before the start of the 2003 season, when he played for the Boston Red Sox.
The younger Giambi testified that he knew testosterone was a steroid but that Anderson had described “the clear” and “the cream” only as undetectable “alternatives to steroids.”
“For all I knew, it could have been baby lotion,” Jeremy Giambi told the grand jury.
Jeremy Giambi, 30, also told the grand jury that he had taken several different-colored pills provided by Anderson even though he didn’t know what they were.
Nedrow asked Jeremy Giambi why he trusted Anderson.
“I don’t know, I guess — I mean, you’re right,” Jeremy Giambi testified. “I probably shouldn’t have trusted the guy. But I just felt like, you know, what he had done for Barry [Bonds] and, you know, I didn’t think the guy would send me something that was, you know, Drano or something, you know, I mean, I hope he wouldn’t.”

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  1. Giambi Admitted Steroid Use

    N.Y. Daily News via Pirate’s Cove New York Yankees slugger Jason Giambi injected himself with human growth hormone in 2003 and also used steroids for at least three seasons, according to his grand jury testimony reviewed by the San Francisco…

  2. Not to get all conspiracy theory here, but do you think it could have been the Yanks who leaked the testimony? I’m sure they had access to it.

  3. Yankees blackmailing Giambi? You mean like how the Mets got Mo to retire? Even funnier considering Mo is attempting a comeback for next season.

  4. I know, certainly a stretch and I suggest it only half heartedly. But we are talking about George here. I’m sure he had at least a passing interest in getting his hands on testimony given by one of his players. And if anyone can get, it would be him.
    The point is, somebody leaked it. Probably just an eager intern.

  5. George hardly needs the grand jury testimony to know that Giambi is on the juice. He has Giambi’s medical record.

  6. Two comments as far as the insurance angle is concerned:
    1. It is my understanding that insurance companies have not done contracts longer than 3-years for some time now. My guess is that all the risk is/has been assumed by the Yankees
    2. If there is insurance – don’t you think they may try to go the “pre-existing” condition route? If Giambi’s current problems are the result of steroid use and he was using steroids back in 2001 – then it was a pre-existing condition.
    I wouldn’t doubt it if the Yankees leaked Giambi’s info but maybe it was in order to have him accept a settlement of maybe $.50 on the dollar in order for him to just go away.

  7. I think the biggest story is here:
    “Both Giambis said they had used steroids even earlier in their baseball careers.”
    But for roids, you probably would have never heard of Giambi.

  8. At least the Giambi brothers alway knew what to get each other for Christmas.
    “Wow! A new set of needles. Thanks Jason.”
    “A three months supply of masking agents? Jeremy, you shouldn’t have!”

  9. Heads Should Roll

    Jason Giambi to me is small potatoes. Yes, he was once a great hitter but a poor defensive player. Yes, he won an MVP award while he was juicing. However, Giambi is the type of player that will be all but forgotten in 10 years time. He´┐Żll be lumped tog…

  10. Bonds was juiced, news at 11

    In what has to be about the most unsurprising other-shoe-drop since the Michael Jackson child abuse allegations, the San Francisco Chronicle reports (via ESPN.com) that San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds (unknowingly, he alleges) used performance…

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