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  1. Well, this IS shocking news. Brian Traxler was possibly the biggest fan favorite in the 1980’s-90’s when he played for the Albuquerque Dukes in two different stints. I believe he may still hold for most hits and most games played in an Albuquerque uniform, and he was always synonymous with the organization.
    I own one piece of autographed baseball merchandise, and it’s a cracked Louisville Slugger signed by Brian Traxler. He will be missed by Albuquerque fans everywhere.

  2. Well, Andrew, I was also going to note Traxler’s time with the Dukes, but from the other side of the fence. I lived in Colorado Springs for some time, and Traxler was a guy I hated to see coming to the plate with the game on the line. The Sky Sox and Dukes had more than their share of big games, and Traxler contributed more than his share of big plays and hits in them.
    Even grudging rivals will miss him.

  3. I remember watching Brian Traxler as a Somerset Patriot, and independent team of the Atlantic league in NJ. He was definatly a fan favorite, with eveyrbody chearing his name when he went up to bat. He was my favorite Patriot ever, going to games just to see him. I remember all the times I got his autograph, and I was on cloud nine eachtime. I was an annoying nine year old, and he always talked to me, if it were in the middle of a game he wasnot playing or at 11:30 after a night game. I remember waiting to meet him for the first time, at 11:30 after a night game. He was the last eprson out of the stadium and my friendand I stayed to get his autograph, which he gave us than carried on a conversation. While on the road driving home, I saw him driving to a nearby restauraunt where many of theplayers went after night games, and he honnked his horn and waived at my friend and me after we screamedout the window to him. The last time I saw him was at a game in which he was injured. He was standing in the stands with somebody, and I asked him to sign my first base mit I had with me. I was ecstatic because I saw him play with the same glove. I still have that glove and I still use it. My friends know who signed it, and I will never forget that moment. I never thought it could have been the last time I saw him, and yes I do have the ball he also signed still as well as a baseball card that I had framed.

  4. I played with him at Waukegan East High School in suburban Chicago. I played with 5 guys who eventually made the majors and he was by far and away the best hitter I’ve ever seen. There just wasn’t a position for him in the majors. TRAX- THE LEGEND LIVES ON!

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