Mr. Bin Laden�s Wild Ride

Reading this story – about how (newly democratic) Afghanistan is hoping to make the caves of Tora Bora into a �visitor attraction� – suggests to me that tourism may not be the best hope for that country�s economy.
Although you never know:

Tourism was once a major industry for Afghanistan. In the 1960s and 1970s the country was a key stopping point on the Hippy Trail from Europe to India � famed for its spectacular scenery, ancient ruins and local intoxicants. But the Russian invasion of 1979 placed Afghanistan off limits and, for 25 years, it has remained in tourist limbo.
Now the first visitors are returning. The latest issue of the Lonely Planet Central Asia guide is the first to include a section on the country.
Previous editions contained a two word entry on Afghanistan: �Don�t go!�

2 thoughts on “Mr. Bin Laden�s Wild Ride”

  1. They’ve got a golf course in Kabul, what’s not to like? Can a cricket pitch be far behind?

  2. I dunno, I’m mind of partial to the slogan “”Ski Tora Bora!”. Just be sure to stay on the trails.

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