OTHER Title IX Loosens Up

Eric McErlain has news about a new move by the Department of Education that could significantly loosen Title IX restrictions.
What’s debatable is whether Title IX even serves any purpose in college athletics at this stage. If the idea is to create opportunities for women in college athletics, that exists now, and it wouldn’t dry up and blow away without government coercion. The main source of resistance to Title IX has nothing to do with discrimination as such and everything to do with money and specifically with football: specifically, the fact that many schools would prefer to have equal numbers of male and female scholarship athletes in non-money-making sports, but because football teams are enormous and have no analogue among female sports teams, a whole host of male sports have to suffer to meet the 1:1 ratio. And because football is the #1 moneymaker even at many small schools, you can’t get rid of it to solve the problem, even if you otherwise wanted to.

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  1. This is a surprise to no one involved in college athletics. Un iversities should have just declared football a COED sport and been allowed to count all football scholarships in a separate category. That would have made MUCH more sense.

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