Ode to the Instalanche

“‘Twas the day after Sunday, and all through my site,
Not a visitor was active, not getting a bite;
My posts had been writ with the greatest of care,
In the hopes that some comments would fill up dead air;
“My referrers log empty, most bloggers would scoff,
My visions of blogofame seemed quite far off;
No trolls came to visit, leaving posts in ALL CAPS,
So I settled my head for a sorrowful nap;
“But now my Sitemeter spun faster and faster,
I clicked “referred by”, thinking ‘who’s the spam blaster’;
When what to my bloodshot, wet eyes should be seen,
but “instapundit.com” that was filling the screen;
“Much faster than spambots the linkers they came,
I shouted and yelled as I called out their names:
‘Oh Billy, oh Steven, oh Cut On the Bias,
Daimnation, Yay Chrenkoff, Atlas Shrugs, and the Argghhh!!! guys,
From the depths of all blogdom and blogrolls so small,
Now link away, link away, link away all!'”
via Ninme