Krugman on Ohio

I had meant to link to Don Luskin’s brutal takedown of Paul Krugman’s article on scandals with the pension funds in Ohio; Krugman’s mendacity in spinning the news to create falsely negative impressions about Republicans is pretty boundless. (Via Maguire). Of course, the real scandal here isn’t the perfidy of Republican politicians and businessmen or the perfidy of Democratic politicians and businessmen or even (as Luskin suggests) the distorting effects of racial preferences; the real issue is that big giant honey pots of other people’s money are being invested by politicians and people appointed by politicians. That’s a dangerous trend and one that GOP reformers should crusade against at the state and federal levels. I hope Arnold succeeds in changing that in California.

One thought on “Krugman on Ohio”

  1. Of course it’s fine when the Enron’s of the world flat out steal those big pots of money. The Bush Admin will glad hand and back slap tose white collar crims all the way to the bank.

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