Quick Links 6/30/05

*John Hawkins interviews the incomparable Mark Steyn.
*“[B]eing a terrorist makes me a good Muslim”. As the reader who sent this in points out, “It’s also interesting – although not terribly surprising – that TIME seems to have better sources within the insurgency than they do within the US military.”
*More Rehnquist and O’Connor rumors from RedState here and here. Ramesh is hearing the same things about replacements but nothing on resignations.
*This, via NRO, is classic:

COSTAS: If you had been elected president last November, by this point what would President John Kerry have done in Iraq?
KERRY: Well, I laid out — you know, I don’t want to get in — I mean, I think that’s not quite the way to go at it.

After that, Kerry launches back into his usual style, such as taking the words of unfriendly foreign leaders at face value. The man never changes.
*Drezner on the Iranian elections.
*One step at a time.
*I did not know that Evan Thomas of Newsweek was the grandson of Socialist presidential candidate Norman Thomas, but I can’t say I’m surprised.

5 thoughts on “Quick Links 6/30/05”

  1. Bush (“bring ’em on!”) makes an ass out of himself nearly every time he opens his mouth, and you make fun of Kerry? Bush worship: bring it on!

  2. The salient point here is, Kerry even now is neither willing nor able to state a comprehensible position. Say what you will about Bush, we know where he stands.

  3. And knowing that we stand deep in a sink hole of money that is Iraq (not to mention the interminable list of other things that Iraq is), that we stand there virtually alone at this point, while the Chinese and Saudis by up our debt makes you comfortable? I’ll take anyone whose first position is to obey the Law of Holes. Virtually anything different than the current mode of operation would be a good thing.

  4. Jim, get real. Virtually anything? Thanks, I’ll take today’s conditions over those of Sept 10, 2001. The battle is being fought overseas, and by Marines. Advantage USA any which way you cut it.

  5. We are fighting a war that costs billions of dollars that quite clearly was started for reasons beyond what were stated (uh, we were bombing Iraq before we even declared war on them), no countries are really on our side or helping us out (even Britain has less than 10,000 troops in Iraq), we have massive debt that is held by two foreign countries that we should probably be highly suspicious of (Saudi Arabia and China), over 1,500 US troops are dead, 40,000 more have sustained injuries, the military cannot meet recruiting goals, we stop-loss personnel who are supposed to have served their time, the economy is now built on the premise that corporations deserve and get everything and that jobs in this country can and in fact should be exported overseas. This is the America you want? You can fool yourself with the Bush Jive that 9/11 and Iraq have something to do with one another or you can wake up and realize you are being lied to by an operation so devious and clever that they can get you to believe just about anything.

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