How hot are the Indians? Just check out their numbers since May 21, via David Pinto’s Day by Day database:
If you’re in a Rotisserie league, I hope you were able to snap up Victor Martinez, Travis Hafner and Jake Westbrook while their stock was down earlier in the year (I was able to snag Martinez in one of my leagues). And has their been a bigger dark-horse rookie this year than Jhonny Peralta?

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  1. Crank: The Tribe took off when Eric Wedge finally decided on Grady Sizemore batting leadoff with Coco Crisp in the 2 hole. Since then, the Tribe is 19-5. Now if we could just figure out how to get Aaron Boone to the unemployement line with his brother…

  2. Since the Sox are now looking at Brett Boone it got me wondering: What is the worst season two brothers have ever put together in the same season? You would have to figure they are at least close to the top (bottom) with the years they are putting together. I figure the prize has to be the Alou boys as there was some definite lack of hitting going on some years.

  3. Y’know it is pretty surprising about the sibling thing. Either they were both so obscure it doesn’t matter as neither never had enough PT to say whether their season was good or bad, one was so good (Ripken, Murray) that the other’s stats were inconsequential even if the other was struggling (Billy Ripken) or the other was a non-factor (Dave Sax, Rich Murray) OR they did not play in the same era. Without looking at all 350+ combos I would guess that the Boones will each have enough ABs and low enough stats that they will at least give the low performing brothers stat a run (maybe the Molinas should be considered as well?). The Throneberrys did play in the same era and while they rarely got over 200 ABs I would have to assume just on principle that they would have to top the field.

  4. Perhaps I should take a more detailed look at this issue. In 1964, Matty Alou had an OPS+ of 71 in 267 plate appearances, Jesus had an OPS+ of 77 in 398 PA, and Felipe had an OPS+ of 96 in 455 PA. That’s two terrible years and one poor year.

  5. I thought about that 1992 year and now thinking about it more clearly that was not too terrible an O’s squad that suffered greatly at the hands of their middle infield. Ripken came off a monster year in 1991 (the O’s were last that year) and hit only 14 HRs and 72 RBIs. The O’s only finished 7 games out of first that year. In what was statistically probably the worst year of his (full-time player) career almost any other year he had would have made a huge difference to that team. Combine that with Billy going .230/.275/.312 and you have a double-play combo that may have kept Baltimore out of first place. That is pretty bad. The Baltimore catcher (Chris Hoiles) did post the infamous stat of 20 HRs and 40 RBIs though (very Rob Deer of him).


    Today is the day that most teams have already played half of their season’s schedule. The Galvin Opinion looks at which players are most deserving at All-Star status after 81 games.

  7. For context the Boones are .195/.255/.354 and .231/.299.385 with 9 HR/29 RBI and 7 HR/34 RBI (alohabetically listed). Both have well over 200 ABs already and while Bret may struggle to get another 200 Aaron, for some unknown reason, seems locked in despite not hitting his weight.
    As far as my crack on the Molinas: Benji is having a nice year and Yadier is not killing St. Louis. They are not even in the same stat league as the Boones.

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