A New Low

When I think that Hollywood can go no lower in terms of bad taste or unoriginality, the movie business finds a way to surprise me. But it’s a rare treat when both are accomplished in one fell swoop, as they were this weekend when I started seeing billboard ads for a sequel to “Duece Bigelow: Male Gigolo.”
Locusts, famine and pestilence to follow.
(On a similar note: I accept that the new “Bad News Bears” movie is raunchy and not at all suitable for chidren . . . but is it really necessary to advertise the not-suitable-for-chidren parts on baseball broadcasts?)
UPDATE: Wizbang has graphic evidence of unoriginality.

One thought on “A New Low”

  1. Many kids movies used to have some sexual innuendo appearing here and there but today they’ve left out the innuendo and just put the sex out front.
    I don’t get casting Billy Bob Thorton in Bad News Bears. I just know way too much about him. Maybe Walter Mathau did have sex in limos on the way to the movie premier or maybe he did wear a vial of blood around his neck. But not knowing these things allowed me to enjoy the movie.
    TMI People. TMI!

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