Quick Links 7/27/05

*Gerry Daly has a must-read work of original research on John Roberts’ Supreme Court arguments and the Justices he was able to win over to his side in non-unanimous cases.
*I do not find this reassuring.
*More bad thoughts on the Deuce Bigelow sequel; it’s not just the left-wing politics that bother me about Hollywood, it’s the stupid left-wing politics. And they wonder why box office is down.
*Frank Lautenberg thinks conservatives like the Vice President should not be permitted to enter New Jersey.
*Would it be bad of me to hope that this happens to this?
*Wuzzadem looks ahead to the Roberts hearings; I’m not sure they are likely to be this dignified. Via Malkin.
*I found Captain V through a link on NRO; check out this post on the CIA’s use of cover:

I don’t recall who first offered up the idea, but it is a good one: Don’t let people who are destined for lives under cover near the DC area (CIA isn’t the only agency that has people under cover). It invites carelessness and complacency.

*Stephen Green explains why he doesn’t like unions.
*Encouraging news for pro-lifers from . . . Glamour magazine.
*More on the Ruth Bader Ginsburg precedent.

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  1. Crank – We just reread your 2002 piece on Springsteen. From people who have read more about Springsteen than most people alive, that was one of the best and intelligent pieces/commentaries we’ve seen on Bruce. We had to send another comment and give you kudos for that one. (And you were appropriately neutral politically and made the point that Springsteen is beyond politics).
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    or if you’re in you’re more musical mode, check out The Artist Pages at https://www.theartistpages.blogspot.com/
    … where we’ve done our own recent posts about Springsteen and Devils & Dust, a recent Van Morrison post and other posts of musical note.
    And if its ok with you, we’re going to post a link to your Springsteen article which is definite must reading.
    It’s good to find posts that at least seem to indicate there are people who can put their differences aside in pursuit of higher values. And with that said, look at our featured quote for The Artist Pages, which comes from George Harrison’s All Those Years Ago.
    We don’t know you but Baseball, Al Pacino, quotes & Springsteen, you gotta be ok.

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