KATRINA: Rebuilding New Orleans

Quote of the week, from Tom Maguire:

I suspect that anyone opposed to putting up affordable housing in a toxic-waste flood plain will be denounced as racist (go figure).

And another bold prediction:

Let me throw in my own guess – eventually, the contractor who upgraded the 17th St. levee will be investigated, and the contract will be found to have been influnced by poltical intrigue. In Louisiana!

Read the whole thing. A lot of hard questions ahead, especially about what to do about all the people who lived in poverty, in crime-ridden neighborhoods, in harm’s way. Try to persuade them to relocate? Put them back where they were? And, of course, who decides? And how quickly? We can afford to leave Ground Zero in lower Manhattan fallow for four years while the politicians squabble. We can’t afford to do the same for the homes of hundreds of thousands of people.

One thought on “KATRINA: Rebuilding New Orleans”

  1. How would you like to own an insurance company right about now? Actually, in Bush-world they will probably not pay, declare bankruptcy and walk away without doing a thing and suffer no recriminations. They’ve done it before (Florida). Ah, to be a corporation!

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