Quick Links 9/9/05

Well, the Mets are officially dead – when you get swept in such backbreaking fashion and then roll over the next day and play dead, it’s over. Stephen Keane and Faith and Fear in Flushing had some pointed thoughts on the final collapse at Turner Field; I hadn’t seen the report about the likelihood of the Mets non-tendering Vic Zambrano, but it makes sense.
On to other things:
*Will the Saints go marching out of New Orleans? This from Deadspin, the new-to-me Gawker sports blog. I’m skeptical that there are enough sodomy jokes in sports to keep a Gawker/Wonkette/Defamer-style blog in business, but these guys do have a successful track record. Personally, I drop by a few of the Gawker blogs from time to time, and almost always come away disappointed.
*Mickey Kaus asks whether the NEA is using the hurricane as an excuse to evade standards imposed by No Child Left Behind. I can see exempting kids who just arrived in your school from the tests, but exempting whole districts and states is just a little too clever a trick.
*How crazy can the Kos/MoveOn left get? Plenty crazy. I dare you to guess what they’re speculating about now, before you click this link and find out. Via Llama Butchers, who think Karl Rove has been spiking MoveOn’s happy juice again.
*Varifrank has a thought-provoking essay on the possibility that mass tort lawsuits will render New Orleans uninhabitable and ruin the state and city governments (via Instapundit). Meanwhile, Prof. Bainbridge and the Wall Street Journal ($) ponder how the legal system in Louisiana will survive the inundation of courthouses and law offices and the destruction of evidence and docket files.
*From a few months back (obviously), Annika’s guide to the Supreme Court. Hilarious.
*You don’t usually see studies linking “Marines, Korean men, gays and transsexuals”, but this one does. The LA Times’ effort to come up with a politically palatable explanation is very amusing.
*Will Mitt Romney’s Mormonism hurt him with evangelical Christians in the GOP primary? The author is obviously ill-disposed towards conservatives generally, but there are a few points in here I didn’t know about the intensity of anti-Mormon sentiment.
*The latest here and here on medical reports about the death of Yasser Arafat.
*Long profile of Bill Clinton by a sympathetic liberal writer who nonetheless picks at a few of Clinton’s flaws; I had intended to comment on this, including some of the sillier anti-Bush potshots, but there’s too much in here and too much else going on. Read the whole thing.

5 thoughts on “Quick Links 9/9/05”

  1. You guys (conservatives, that is) must still love the fact that Clinton is still in the news all the time because it means that us Dems still haven’t found someone worthy of running in ’08.
    We’re like the NBA when they suffered the “Michael Jordan effect” when, even though he left, the NBA couldn’t escape him.
    Unfortunately, I don’t see anyone coming to the forefront in ’08 either. I believe our best chance is Sen. Obama from IL. But having “African-American” and “President'” in the same sentence will never happen in this country.
    Yep, it’s tough being a Liberal Democrat right now.

  2. Hey, it’s just tough all the way around. Both sides seem to be so full of it that it’s coming out of their ears. The whole Bush-bashing has gone far past overboard, yet his (non)reaction to it baffles me. Leadership is sorely lacking on both sides and therein lies the quandary. When both lend all of their creative efforts and resources to snipe at one another, these types of things happen. No one’s there to lead whether it be for lack of vision or lack of credibility.
    It disturbs me that the left is seemingly dancing in the (flooded) streets over Bush’s perceived failures. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that those failures didn’t happen or continue to happen. And the sooner the right accepts that and is willing to look in the mirror, the sooner the left might be able to shut up their fringe whack jobs.

  3. The NEA ditching No Child Left Behind (a shamefully poor program on a good day) as a “consequence” of Katrina will pale in comparison to what the administration does. It already has started with suspending the prevailing wage law in New Orleans. There will, no doubt, be a long list of other items that get suspended as well. Wait for the insurance stuff to hit the fan, too.

  4. Just wanted to leave a note saying that I’m reading your blog for the first time now, and I like it. I think your comments on Deadspin are pretty dead-on and funny. Good stuff!

  5. Yes plenty of blame to go ’round. As a Democrat, I wince when they show almost any of the party leaders on television – I am not sure if its because I know the Rovian machine will skin them alive for daring to peak their heads out of their gopher holes, or if its because I see them as useless. Probably some combination.
    Still, the President sickens me. He came in with the reputation of dim lightbulb – its well documented that as a candidate he didn’t know the difference between Medicaid and Medicare, or for that matter, Sunni Muslims and Shiite Muslims. He even embraced this with his Dean Martin speech at Yale in May ’01. And now we sit around helplessly as he recklessly leads the country down the toilet.
    I don’t consider myself terribly partisan. I’ve voted for GOP governors and senators, but ever since this man stepped into the public light he’s done nothing to show me he’s anything but incompetent.
    His whole administration can be summed up in one four letter word: OOPS!!

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