The Googlesphere

Google Blog Search arrives. WaPo has the story.
Which reminds me of something I’ve noticed while searching Technorati and Blogpulse. In my ordinary blog reading, I am constantly amazed by how many talented writers there are out there, people with something to say and a knack for saying it. There are many hundreds of such blogs now, carrying on scores of conversations about every issue under the sun, although I mainly read blogs on politics and baseball.
But then, when you go outside of the widely-read and widely-linked parts of the blogosphere, and start running across things written on LiveJournal and Xanga and the like, you realize how many people there really are out there who just can’t write – or, apparently, think – to save their lives. It’s quite an eye-opener. Granted, some of them are teenagers who will learn eventually, but still.

2 thoughts on “The Googlesphere”

  1. so BC, why don’t you bring a little humor into our lives and throw us a link to a truly unintelligible or incoherent blog once in a while for laughs?

  2. The sad part are some of the widely-linked sites that are inundated with teenage postings (I’m sure I don’t need to name names).

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