4 thoughts on “Buy High, Sell Low”

  1. As much as I dislike Beltran (right now) because of how much he let this team down this year, I don’t want to put up with Manny in the Clubhouse.
    Many misses his father figure in Pedro but his fielding is just too atrocious and would give me ulcers.
    The Mets need Beltran’s glove in Center and I don’t want to see Floyd move from left. He’s been the Mets 2nd-place MVP (behind Pedro).

  2. If the Mets didn’t grab Manny when they could have had him for only the cost of his salary after Boston put him on waivers, why would they give up Beltran for him now?

  3. Manny is still a great hitter, but he has noticeably declined this year, and given his age, performance trend and body type – this screams “about to go off a cliff.”

  4. I don’t know that “noticeably declined” is an appropriate terms for Manny. I mean he is hitting .290/.384/.574 with 38 HRs and 128 RBIs. That does not exactly suck. Last year he hit .308/.397/.613 with 43 and 130 and that was after a year of .327/.427/.587 with 37 and 104. So he has produced essentially the same numbers or even better this year and that includes an atrocious first 35 games or so. Other than Ortiz he is probably still the best clutch hitter in baseball. He is a terror with the bases loaded and he hits right handed pitching better than most lefties (in fact his problem this year has come against left handed pitching for some reason). He is a hitter that Beltran will never be-not by a long shot.
    That being said Manny needs to remain in the AL. He is an oddly bad fielder as he can make some incredible plays but botch relatively routine ones. I don’t know if he has the mentality to be a DH (keeping your head in the game for long idle stretches) but that certainly is the path his career will take. He survives in Boston because 81 games a year are in a small, pretty easy (once you learn it) left field.
    I also would not do this deal. I would rather pay $20 million for Manny than $15 million for Beltran. You could get Torii Hunter for half the price and get the same ball player. I think it is difficult to trade for players with such different skill sets. Beltran would not be a great fit for Boston; they don’t run, they don’t need a center fielder (assuming Damon re-signs) and they are built around a 3-6 line-up that absolutely mashes. He could play right field if you would like Trot Nixon.
    How about Renteria for Reyes? You guys bitch about him like it’s your job. We’ll even throw in a random pitcher for your bullpen that is even more woeful than ours.

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