Poor Aunt Harriet

One-liner of the week, from Jay Leno last night: “President Bush says that he knows Harriet Miers won’t change in 20 years. 20 years ago she was a Democrat! And Catholic!”
UPDATE: Runner-up, from an email received by Megan McArdle:

I just received a missive from some activist group I’ve never heard of, urging me to contact Congress and the White House to urge the appointment of a qualified “state or feral judge” to the Supreme Court.

3 thoughts on “Poor Aunt Harriet”

  1. Dear Baseball Crank,
    Another postseason is upon us, and with it I am again forced to listen to the most innane commentator in sports, Joe Morgan. What is it that keeps this man employed? Why do people always feel compelled to mention how “classy” he is? What does that even mean in this context? Is it like that condescending habit so many people have of pointing out how “articulate” a black commentator is? Please, surely you can shed some light on this subject.

  2. Maybe it would be hard to prove DeLay’s involvement in a conspiracy but there is no doubt you could do it with MLB and broadcast networks: Tim McCarver relentlessly talking about guarding the lines in the 7th inning, Chris Berman doing play by play (God help us all), Rick Sutcliffe after each long foul ball telling you to watch the batter (who you of course cannot see as the camera is following the ball), Mike Piazza laughing at who knows what and so on. Harold Reynolds is good, Gammons is good (though probably sounds like a Sox homer a bit) but it is a lot of bad out there.

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