4 thoughts on “A Burger Fan?”

  1. I think it was a dumb question. You don’t have to worshipfully track Supreme Court Justices like little kids track baseball players to bring a valuable perspective to the Court.
    She has successfully practiced law for 30 years in a very, wide range of capacaties.
    Don’t you think she can sit down as well as most of the other eight justices and determine what the forefathers intended in the Constitution?
    I thought conservatives are always saying how simple of a document it is, unlike say the tax code or the environmental regulations.
    I think she’s going to suprise a lot of poeple.

  2. For my part, I spent three years in law school–including taking a constitutional law seminar where I set the curve–without having a “favorite” Supreme Court Justice. If I had to choose one, it would probably be Robert Jackson, who wrote beautifully and whose Korematsu dissent was the definitive statement IMO of the role the Supreme Court should play in wartime. However, even that choice would be somewhat arbitrary.

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