The Miers Files

For those looking to pick over the slender public file of Harriet Miers’ writings, this link (via NRO) is a good place to start.
Then there’s Beldar – just keep scrolling, because you are not part of an intelligent discussion of Miers’ credentials if you aren’t reading Beldar, who is doing his best to defend the honor of Texas commercial litigators. This post has some hard information on some of Miers’ cases. Beldar pulls 19 reported opinions from Westlaw where Miers’ name appears; even granting that state trial courts rarely publish opinions, at least in Texas, that does seem a bit thin to me for 30+ years of practice (the same search for me would turn up 14 opinions, and I’ve only been in practice for 9 years).
I remain unconvinced that Beldar has proven that Miers is qualified for the job, but I’m keeping an open mind, and I think he’s certainly made some good points; we’ll learn more at the hearings, and hopefully before then.

One thought on “The Miers Files”

  1. Crank, the tipoff here is that when you saw her qualifications, you went and measured your own against hers. Did you do that when Roberts was nominated? Would have done it if Thomas’s nomination had been this summer instead of in 1991? Not even with Thomas, whose experience was thinner than some other nominees’.
    By the way, I did the Westlaw thing, too. I had 60 (53 if you throw out the ones I had a minor role in; 50 if you also throw out 3 unpublished ones that were in Fed. Appx.). I’ve been in practice quite a bit longer than you, though — although not nearly as long as HM.

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