Quick Links 10/20/05

*Judd Gregg wins $850,000 in the Powerball drawing
*Tom DeLay’s mug shot is a picture of defiance.
*Mac Thomason on the grim economics that will force the Braves to use even fewer good players to win the division next year.
*Ed Moltzen on Kathleen Willey and Valerie Plame.
*Minas Tirith and the fall of Constantinople. (Via the rejuvenated American Scene).
*Blez is ready to do without umps calling pitches and have machines call balls and strikes. Is the technology really workable to give reliable ball-strike calls for each hitter’s zone? If so, I could live with this.

2 thoughts on “Quick Links 10/20/05”

  1. I’m pretty sure that Tom Delay’s legal counsel runs something like this: SMILE! And the world smiles with you.
    Maybe he’s also just learned of the difference between good graft and bad graft.
    At least, he’s hoping that the Texas legal system smiles with him…

  2. Interesting bit on Constantinople. I remember in history, thinking if they could just have held out until 1492, they could have tried to continue “Rome” in the New World. Those in constantinople always claimed to be the heirs to the Roman history and heritage, and I always thought it would be cool if they could have made the jump to the next stage of history–and yes, I know that history having stages is a byproduct of hindsight.
    And let’s face it, Constantinople had some crazy defenses: Greek Fire, Chains across the strait, walls.

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