Judge Alito’s College Days

“Sam intends to go to law school and eventually to warm a seat on the Supreme Court”
Orin Kerr links to this profile of Samuel Alito from his college days – he graduated from Princeton in 1972. Judge Alito was in ROTC, a fact that will no doubt unsettle the plaintiffs in the Solomon Amendment case if he is confirmed. And yes, that’s a picture of him in college. Not that, er, I should talk.

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  1. Wow! I was not reading your blog in ’04. Yeah, Williams was not just a great ball player. What a contrast to today’s crew. Ted Williams served heroically on active duty in two (2) wars in the prime of his baseball career. I’m in my early 60s and was born and raised in Boston, but the closest I ever got to Williams was when my father took me to Fenway a couple of times – working men could bring their kids to the ball park in those days. You are indeed fortunate.
    And just to make the story more interesting, you lost the original picture from your office in the WTC. This is not a blog post; this is an amazing story. How is it that you were not in your office on that fateful day? Were you one of those who got advance word from the Israeli embassy?
    I’m a life-long Democrat who follows both politics and baseball fairly closely, not as closely as you do, and I always kept the two in separate compartments. I was not aware that Williams was so politically active. I’m not surprised by this revelation of his politics, and no one who knew of him would be surprised. Bush-Quayle was the media’s first use of the “chicken hawk” charge against a GOP nominee; obviously, Williams, a genuine hero by any measure, did not buy it. Alito’s ROTC service might be seen in the same light as Bush 43 and Quayle’s National Guard service. Although being in ROTC included a commitment to active duty, one had more control over one’s career than did a mere draftee.
    Yes, about this post: Looks like Napolitano does not like Alito’s views on civil liberties. That is troubling to me. I am sick of all the pushing and pulling over Roe v. Wade and would have liked Bush to go beyond that and nominate a “liberal” in the true meaning of that word.

  2. Jimbo writes: “Looks like Napolitano does not like Alito’s views on civil liberties. That is troubling to me.”
    If I know absolutely nothing about a topic….and then I read what Napolitano thinks about it….I will still feel as if I know absolutely nothing about that topic…
    …as to Williams, although certainly not a Red Sox fan, I do have the picture of his first New England at-bat in a Red Sox uniform prominently displayed in my home (he hit a grand slam!)…..the at-bat came in an exhibition at Holy Cross…Ted Williams, Holy Cross…very cool!!

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