Beltre Back?

More from the rumor mill: Jon Weisman speculates on Adrian Beltre poentially returning to the Dodgers. Hey, I traded Beltre and his $33 salary for Joe Nathan in May on my Roto team; I can only imagine how frustrated the Mariners were suffering through the whole season cutting him real paychecks. A Beltre encore makes some sense, although given how eerily similar his 2005 numbers were to 2001, 2002 and 2003, there’s a very real risk that those numbers represent his real performance level at this point.

6 thoughts on “Beltre Back?”

  1. Sure Adrian’s numbers dropped significantly in Seattle but can’t that be attributed to a new league and facing an entirely new slew of pitchers. Seattle can depress anyones numbers down.

  2. It seems odd to refer to Beltre regressing toward his established performance level as a risk. Sounds more like an inevitability to me.

  3. Richie Sexson spent the past 4.5 years in the NL and hit .263/.369/.541 with 39 and 121 which are consistent with his last 3 years (not counting 2004 when he played 23 games). I don’t buy so much the going to a new league and not being able to hit jive. Beltre sucked this year. I have no idea how you have one year like he had in 2004 that you had never come close to before and don’t give any indication that you will again. That being said given the Mariners history of 3rd baseman since Edgar went to the DH in the mid-90s (Spezio, David Bell, Russ Davis, Jeff Cirillo, etc.) they might want to tough it out with Beltre and hope for at least a .270/25/85 kind of thing.

  4. As the guy showing the EQA was trying to show, Beltre just returned to his career form for Seattle. As a Giants fan, I’ve been watching him and he had been touted for YEARS and he chose his free agency year to finally break out. I was hoping the Dodgers would resign him, he couldn’t have figured things out so dramatically.
    Now Seattle knows why the Dodgers were not that eager to resign him. Right now, it stands as one of the greatest career year before free agency in the history of free agency.
    This reminds me totally about a number of players who had a career year, like Robby Thompson for the Giants, Erick Dampier for the GSW, Dana Stubblefield for the 49ers/Redskins, the year before going free agency, then either returning to career form (or worse) afterward.
    Or we could just consider 2004 Adrian Beltre’s “Brady Anderson” year.

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