3 thoughts on “Discovery Dispute”

  1. That’s hysterical. One more reason I’m glad I never went to law school. (I would have been hiding under my desk by the middle of the call.)

  2. Funny, and all-too-accurate. I had similar, if not quite so colorful, experiences: the Partner who waivers between support & nonchalance; the “go get ’em, Tiger” disguised as “We can’t act that way”; the bullying Partner on the other side who offers to do “A” at the hearing/on the conference call, then says “no” to the the associate, followed by the “Sure, we’ll do ‘A,’, we agreed to it, didn’t we? All your associate had to do was ask; I misunderstood what he was saying,” at the follow-up conference call with your Partner, followed by the usual, “You’ve got to be touigh with the other side” lecture. All in Stan’s piece. Excellent!

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