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  1. Hey, guys! We can still have fun even with the Crank gone! Anyone have any thoughts on the Red Sox-Marlins trade?

  2. If you accept the Marlins rebuilding it’s a good trade for both teams. Marlins are getting future building blocks. R Sox rotation looks top notch. If Lowell rebounds, coin toss there, bosox look golden. Any thoughts on the Marlins moving? I’m curious about fan reaction, if there is any, in “long suffering” territories. Two World Championships for different ownerships in a short period of time. The Marlins build, won, rebuilt, won, and are now rebuilding again. Makes it look so easy. What fan base pisses that away? Maybe because it came so fast?

  3. Yeah. Very strange franchise. 2 WS in 13 seasons, a couple disastrous 100+ loss seasons, terrible attendence, no recognizable long-term stars, even though they’ve had all-stars galore (Sheffield, Alou, Bonilla, Delgado, Pudge, Nen, Brian Harvey, Beckett, Kevin Brown,) and solid players too (Renteria, Charles Johnson, Al Leiter, Lowell, Conine, Devon White).
    And now they’re looking to move. Amazing.

  4. Is the Marlins attendance that bad, or are people basing their “fan apathy” comments on the fact that the public won’t build a new stadium? I know their attendance has been bad when they’ve stunk, but I’ve never believed you can criticize fans for staying away when you have a bad team. My impression (I haven’t looked it up, so I could be wrong) is that they’ve drawn pretty well when they’ve had good teams.
    I’m a Twins fan, and people have been promoting a new stadium for ten years or more, but the fact that the public hasn’t built one doesn’t mean they don’t care about the team. Since they started winning, the attendance has been good. I think the public is simply getting tired of spending hundreds of millions of dollars in tax money on sports stadiums for billionaire owners who could fund the stadiums themselves if they wanted to. Plus, the taxpayers are in a better position than they used to be, because teams are running out of places to move to. Does anyone really think Las Vegas and Portland are viable places to put a major league baseball team? Maybe they will be some day, but not now.
    The main thing that has kept the Twins in Minnesota is that they can’t find anywhere to go. This may change at some point, but until it does, I have to think all the talk about franchises moving is just talk.

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