Dillon Stewart, Hero

An NYPD hero:

Stewart, in his last heroic moments, ignored the bullet that had pierced his heart and continued pursuit of the fleeing suspect yesterday – helping nail his alleged killer.
Not realizing he had been shot, Stewart, 35, continued to gun his unmarked police car through the streets of Flatbush, in close pursuit of the armed driver, speeding away in the 1990 Infiniti.


After Stewart was shot, he still managed to tail Cameron to a garage, where police opened fire. Only then did Stewart realize he had been struck, police said.
“I got shot,” a stunned Stewart told his partner as he clutched the bleeding wound under his left arm.
Stewart’s fellow cops from Brooklyn’s 70th Precinct bundled the wounded but conscious officer into the backseat of his own bullet-riddled car and sped him to Kings County Hospital, where he died despite valiant efforts to save him.


2 thoughts on “Dillon Stewart, Hero”

  1. He was always a hero to me, I’m glad you think think the same.
    A loving cousin

  2. Dillon Stewart’s last act of selfless devotion and dedication to service should forever remain a constant reminder to all New Yorkers of the steep price that must at times be paid to keep us all safe.
    Well done, good and faithful servant…even until to death.

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