Random Trend Line

Noticed while looking up something else: Placido Polanco’s Total Bases the past 5 seasons: 216, 221, 220, 222, 224. And in fairly consistent – the past three years, very consistent – numbers of plate appearances: 610, 595, 554, 555, 551. Polanco’s one of baseball’s more underrated players, a lifetime .300 hitter with a good glove at two infield positions – how many people even noticed him batting .331 this year?

5 thoughts on “Random Trend Line”

  1. Anybody with half a brain (this notably excludes former GM Ed Wade) knew this months ago and marveled at the sheer idiocy of trading the sublime Polanco for the aggravating Urbina while continuing to play the incompetent Bell at 3B. If the Phils, Keep PP, bench Bell and never suffer UU’s bullpen misadventures, they win the wild card, if not the division.

  2. As a Tigers fan, it was one of the rare bright spots of the last season. I have no idea how the phillies give up on a guy who brings so much stability to a team.

  3. He made a big stink during Spring Training about not wanting to play 3rd base. Charlie Manuel insisted on complying and splitting time with him and Chase Utley. In a perfect world, him and Utley are still on the team and David Bell is managing in rookie ball somewhere. But this is the world where Ed Wade is allowed to run a team. Gillick has to clean up his mess. God help him.

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