Quick Links 12/22/05

*Andrew McCarthy on the McCain torture bill. As I’ve said before (see here and here), I’m in favor of legislative action to make clearer what can and can’t be done in the interrogation process going forward, at least as far as setting some outer limits and clear permissions. But I’m really concerned that this bill is a disaster. If there’s one thing we don’t need, it’s getting the courts involved in this business or giving unlawful combatants anything like the rights of lawful combatants or common criminals.
*On a similar note, somehow, I doubt the people who loved Michael Scheuer’s book are going to laud this op-ed.
*German cowardice frees a terrorist.
*Jack Abramoff could plead guilty and testify against people on Capitol Hill. That’s the main development that’s needed for the whole Abramoff business to get interesting.
*Megan McArdle on the choices we make and why they should affect the money we make.
*Jack Dunphy on “Tookie” Williams complete with the predictable involvement of Jesse Jackson and Jackson’s equally predictable failure to even know the names of Williams’ victims. And Patterico on executing the innocent.
*One of Nathan Newman’s co-bloggers defends the TWU, but really ends up just demonstrating the pettiness of some of the issues involved. I still fail to see what makes bus drivers and token clerks’ jobs so extraordinarily valuable to society that they can demand a right to retire at 55, something the rest of us can only dream about. Soldiers? Cops? Firemen? Yes. But token clerks?