OTHER Italy Wins the World Cup

Coming back to Queens from my in-laws in Westchester today, we saw many cars on the road honking and waving Italian flags. Somehow, had the French won, I doubt we would have seen that.
My lone observation on the World Cup: I did not pay much attention to the World Cup and only saw one game, the U.S.-Italy match.
But let’s not let it pass unremarked that the Americans played the eventual champions to a tie.
UPDATE: If you are looking for some thoroughly gratuitous French-bashing, Ace is your man.

3 thoughts on “OTHER Italy Wins the World Cup”

  1. Got home early, watched the World Cup, then switched to the BoSox-ChiSox marathon. Confirmed that I cannot come to like soccer and that I love baseball. How would anyone feel if the baseball game ended after 2 extra innnings with a home run derby? To get to OT the “futbol” teams played sloppily, couldn’t hit the side of a barn. The great French Captain got ejected after a vicious head butt long after play had stopped. What is this pro wrestling? Amazingly the ref didn’t see it and called it only after Italian players pleaded with him to consult the linesman(?). Thank goodness the linesman(?) didn’t pretend to be looking at his shoes. At least when an MLB pitcher plunks someone on the head it is in the course of play, and it is called. Not that it is the right thing to do, but many times the pitcher is just trying to move the batter off the plate, a legitimate motive. Mark Loreta got hit by a pitch twice, but didn’t cry and whine about it. One of the French players got tackled, writhed in pain, walked to the sidelines, and then came back as if nothing had happened. The whole tournament was full of such performances. Instead of a cup, they should be playing for an Oscar. Not exactly the equal of Schilling pitching with blood oozing out of his sock. To Hell with them. Finally, when you have a team managed by a Venezuelan win on an RBI by a Japanese against a team stocked with Dominicans and an American pitcher of Mexican descent, isn’t it time to call baseball an international sport? And if you want an exciting game with rules similar to soccer whose players are definitely not whining cry-babies, I give you hockey.

  2. The rest of the world doesn’t seem to be particularly bothered by the great lack of offense in the World Cup, which is, of course, their right. Americans will probably always spend all our viewing time suggesting ways to change the game, though. I think they should probably take a few players off the field at the start of overtime, and a few more at the start of the second.
    At any rate, Zidane well deserves to go down as a Buckner-esque goat of massive proportions. Not only does he get ejected in overtime of the final game of his career, but he’s apparently the French team’s best penalty kicker.

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