Star Wars for RPGs

McQ blows a gasket – justifiably, if I read this story correctly – over the Pentagon dragging its feet due to Army opposition on a system to track and destroy incoming RPGs. I don’t put a lot of stock in a lot of the stories complaining about this or that procurement issue amounting to ‘sending the troops into battle without adequate armor/etc.’ but this does sound like the Pentagon behaving very much like the gigantic government bureaucracy it is.

One thought on “Star Wars for RPGs”

  1. Gotta blow one every now and then Crank. I’ve seen way to much of this nonsense over the years. Reminds me of when I was a weapons plt leader with the 82nd. They were just fielding the TOW and phasing out the 106RR. Fine. But not only do they take my 106s, but they take my gun jeeps. I was left, at least for a while, with TOWs mounted on mules. Not the 4 legged type, but those nasty, flat, wouldn’t crank for anyone (and thus the name) pieces of crap that someone sold to the Army.
    Had I been able to get my hands on him … well I’d have blown another gasket. Heh … thanks for the link.

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