Hugo Chavez Joins the Jihad

What, you have a better way to describe this declaration of solidarity from Venezuela’s fascist leader?
As always: the best guide to our enemies’ intentions is their own words. Take them seriously. Like when Saddam cheered the September 11 attacks. Chavez has the means to cause us great harm, and he has declared himself aligned with those who actively seek to do so. He bears very close watching.

3 thoughts on “Hugo Chavez Joins the Jihad”

  1. Yet another dangerous character from an oil exporting nation. Without question, if we want a defense against terrorism, then we must, as priority number 1, is develop a coherent, oil free and energy growing energy policy. Fusion, solar panels on beanstalks (the science elevator kind), whatever, but that is clearly the main thing we must do.

  2. Even simpler – smaller cars, telecommuting, living closer together. All of which can be encouraged starting tomorrow witha gas tax.
    Or just give the oil companies gargantuan subsidies to drill the country into swiss cheese and still balloon the trade deficit by flooding the world (read: theocratic dictators) with petro dollars.

  3. Chavez cracks me up. The guy spouts “self-fulfilling prophecies.” While he leans to the left, the U.S. would always be fine with him as long as he doesn’t do anything rash with Venezuela’s oil. However, since taking office, he’s done nothing but complain that the U.S. is out to get him, and acts like a nut. We may not have been out to get him at first, but we will be soon if he doesn’t knock it off.
    Thus, his prediction that the U.S. wants him dead will only come true due to his own belief, that the U.S. wants him dead. Incidently, is he still threatening to sell U.S. fighter jets to Iran?
    But I agree with the Crank, he’s a dangerous man and eventually, he’ll force us to take action against him.

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