Job Creation, Granholm Style

Cut taxes? Nope. Reduce red tape? Nah. How about building prisons instead of factories:

Gov. Jennifer Granholm announced Monday she has signed a bill designed to give more options toward possibly reopening a former youth prison in Baldwin.
The prison now could be used for out-of-state prisoners, a Michigan prison population, county prisoners or federal detainees.
The measure is designed to help the local economy by possibly rejuvenating one of the area’s largest employers.

Now, there’s nothing necessarily wrong with opening prisons – but the state that was once the engine of the world’s auto industry deserves better than aspiring to be America’s Jailer.

2 thoughts on “Job Creation, Granholm Style”

  1. Hey BC- I don’t see anything wrong with reopening the prison; sure prisons aren’t glamorous, but they do create jobs and bring money into the state. For several reasons (most of which are global in scale), the auto industry in Mighigan isn’t what it was 50 years ago, and Michigan can no longer rely solely on manufacturing jobs. So while Gov. Granholm is working hard to reinvigorate the auto industry, she is also seeking out other means of creating jobs, whether it be reopening a prison in Baldwin or attracting high-tech Google to Ann Arbor.

  2. Every time some politician spends money to build anything it’s a jobs program. So why don’t politicians take all the money and build every project – then there’d be jobs for everybody, no?
    Build a prison in every town and nobody will be unemployed.

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