7 thoughts on “I Get Results”

  1. Crank-
    Nice to see you get some big time coverage (no sarcasm; I mean that straight up). But honestly, what’s the point here? Some snarkster who works for CBS sends a (mildly) funny e-mail to the RNC. Ok, so what’s that supposed to indicate?
    That the entire media is made up of frothing, Communist, America-haters? That CBS is responsible for this? And if they are responsible, so what? What’s the harm here?
    I’m not looking to wade into a debate about Foley/Hastert/the political biases of the media. Just wondering what your conclusion is.

  2. Well, there was no way of knowing when I saw the email what the guy’s job was. One incident like this isn’t much by itself, but the hope is that eventually CBS News will take away the idea that perhaps they should consider hiring some people who are not arch-liberals.

  3. geez……interesting when myopic political zealots plea for political diversity in hiring boiler room grunts when the party they unconditionally support rejects racial diversity …..suggest you have been mainlining too much kool aid crank…LOL…..Maureen Dowd rocks , Jon Stewart and Keith Olbermann are journalistic gods.

  4. Nice rebut…..Not quite…Rich would be slightly preferable to jingoistic hubris and premature ejaculation from phony neocons….I prefer true perspective.

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