Question of the Day, 10/18/06

Who would you rather have starting the big game tonight, if you had to choose – John Maine or Kris Benson?
I’d take Maine, who at least has a live arm and hasn’t shown signs of wearing out down the stretch. Maybe he doesn’t come up big tonight, but I definitely feel the Mets have a fighting chance with Maine.

4 thoughts on “Question of the Day, 10/18/06”

  1. I’m pretty sure that by midnight tonight, they’ll be saying “Remember the Maine!” in NY.
    What I don’t know if they’ll be saying it in delight or in frustration.

  2. Hindsight makes it easy to say if you are a Mets fan you wanted Maine pitching over Benson. I would have picked Maine yesterday too. As I commented yesterday in another post, Mets fans were going to see last night what Maine was made of. We all know what Benson is made of, Jell-o. My guess would be that put in the same situation last night, Benson would not have survived the first inning. I think you ahve a keeper in Maine.

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