7 thoughts on “Frank J Is A Genius”

  1. Actually, I do think the white woman saying “Harold call me” was intended to be racist, but then again, politics is a dirty business. Ford think answered it best when he basically said, “What they get me on is saying I like WOmen.” As good as “There you go again.”

  2. Daryl:
    I’m sort of ripping off someone else schtick, but the stereotypical portrayal of a Playboy bunny is:
    1) A very intelligent black woman;
    2) A very intelligent brunette, or
    3) A dumb blonde white gal?
    The ad was mocking Ford for his appearance at a Playboy party. I am sure leftists would be up in arms if the ad had a black Playmate, decrying it for its racist portrayal of black woman as dumb whore.

  3. Madd:
    I’d vote for Allen in Virginia if I lived there, but that campaign has turned into a disgrace on both sides. That whole thing is the primary reason I’ve been completely turned off by politics.
    Luckily I get to vote for someone (Steele) that I will be proud to vote for, rather than needing to hold my nose. It’s a pity he’s the one who has the lesser chance of winning.

  4. Interesting note on negative campaigning. I was with my 17 year old on a college visit (don’t ask–not like when I applied), and on the TV was a negative ad. This happened to be by a republican candidate for congress. It only mentioned his opponent, and then destroyed him. Now my son is only barely interested in politics at this point, but commented that if he could vote, he would vote for the guy (the victim, the dem in this case). It was a really virulent piece of hate.
    Now you go to NJ, where Kean and Menendez are outdoing themselves in an effort to make the other guy look worse than Jack th eRipper (or worse, Alan Hevesi, talk about toast). It is not about which party, nor is it the beginning of dirty campaigning, which has a long and proud history, but how, in this age of instant and total communications, this type of tactic gets blown up even more than it is.

  5. On this we’ll definitely agree, Daryl. I’ve been subjected to three big races (VA Senate, MD Senate and Governor) and Steele is the only one not relying principally on negative ads. Ehrlich has been okay, but basically it’s been nothing but attack, attack, attack.
    But, your son’s example aside, the sad fact is it works, or they wouldn’t do it.
    Depressing, ain’t it?

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