3 thoughts on “Victims of Their Own Propaganda”

  1. Heh. Reap what you sow.
    I wonder how real that is though. My neighbor is black and he intends to vote. He’s not inner city black though.

  2. I think it’s more indicative of people who feel powerless. Sort of like why so many poor people, with no health insurance chain smoke, no matter the cost (including $7 a pack).
    Voting is a right, not a priviledge. I think we should make it easier to vote, and don’t really like state by state regulations. Since it’s something included in the Constitution, I don’t think the separate states should deal with the underlying rules.
    I also don’t think that we should make sure people vote. Maybe it is their right to do so, but their priviledge to no (just shut up and don’t complain after). So much garbage goes on in elections, what with irregularities, there should be (but there never will be):
    1. The same voting machines distributed nationwide
    2. A central clearing center for all vote receiving (probably electronic, with a closed system for transmission). Central state by state, and for federal elections, one for the entire country. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates could combine on a system in a week.
    3. Standardized counting.
    4. A complete ban on exit polls, with loss of FCC license for discussing one while any poll that has a stake in th election is open. Couple that with a complete ban on discussing the cvote count that would (ahem) be now easy to tabulate since it’s on a mainframe somewhere (ahem).
    Yes, there is opportunity for fraud, just as there is now. Anything is better than having an election decided by 9 people in Washington who wear black robes.

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