4 thoughts on “Noooo!”

  1. I’m afraid so. It’s choreographed by the same person who gave Billy Joel’s music the Broadway treatment – of course, Billy Joel’s music is far more adaptable to the Broadway stage than Dylan is. The only saving grace is that the New York Times panned the show mercilessly – “When Bad Shows Happen to Brilliant Songwriter” was the theme of the acid-etched review. He got what he deserved, I guess, Mr Zimmerman – he must have signed off on the thing, just as he signed off on the Victoria’s Secret deal. Now let’s talk about the Tigers, and their errors!

  2. The fact that you can actually dance to some of Billy Joel’s music would seem to be an obvious difference.

  3. Sounds as appetizing as Dylan showing his face in that Victoria’s Secret ad.
    Now that’s a mood killer right there.

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