Declining Options

Perhaps the bigger story than Piazza is the unsurprising news that despite a rough 2006, the White Sox picked up the option on workhorse Mark Buehrle. The exit of Buehrle and the Mets’ likely re-signing of Tom Glavine will leave the field of free agent pitchers exceedingly narrow, with Barry Zito, Jason Scmidt and Andy Pettitte the only guys who can be seriously characterized as healthy, effective and in their prime (although the wild card is Japanese pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka), plus a few oldsters like Mike Mussina and Greg Maddux.

One thought on “Declining Options”

  1. Mussina will almost certainly re-sign with the Yankees, albeit at a lower salary than before, but I’d be curious to hear where people think that Maddux will end up.
    He’s not great anymore, but he is more than serviceable, and will give you slightly better than league-average ERA with a ton on innings pitched.
    He’d be an excellent #4 starter on a good team. Who will want him and how much will he cost?

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