Quiet Time

OK, I know content has been slow here lately – it’s been busy at work and the baby’s not been sleeping well, and that eats away at my blogging time from both ends. I’m also working on some longer-term projects that don’t hit the site right away. The good news is, my tech guru has finally come up with a way to close comments on older entries, which seems to have solved the spam problem once and for all, so when I do have time I’m able to focus again on writing.

2 thoughts on “Quiet Time”

  1. Crank,
    Years from now you’ll look back on the baby years and think those were the easy years. First they start walking and talking and then Mom lets them sign up for stuff you have to drive them to and don’t forget snacks when it is your turn. 🙂

  2. Bill, my oldest is 9, so we are far down that road. However, all the stuff they get signed up for is during the week, so I’m still at the office.

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