Glavine and More

Well, the Mets’ pitching staff is coming into focus. Glavine will be back next year, but Roberto Hernandez won’t, nor Chad Bradford. I also didn’t get the chance at the time to comment on the deal that sent Royce Ring and Heath Bell to the Padres for reliever Jon Adkins and outfielder Ben Johnson. I don’t like that deal – I realize that Bell and Ring had lost the confidence of the organization, but I just don’t see what in Adkins’ record suggests a useful pitcher, and Johnson seems like a guy whose upside is that he might be Xavier Nady someday.
Looks like the Mets’ pen will depend a lot on (a) the return from injury of Duaner Sanchez and Juan Padilla and (b) who doesn’t make the rotation.
I can’t believe that the Mets are paying more to keep El Duque than to keep Glavine. If you look at the pitcher salaries this offseason, Glavine is a pretty good deal even before you consider the fact that it’s just a one-year commitment. Here’s how this year’s pitching free agents stack up (in millions per year):
Mike Mussina 11.5
Tom Glavine 10.5
Adam Eaton 8.2
Randy Wolf 8
Danys Baez 6.3
Woody Williams 6.3
Orlando Hernandez 6
Justin Speier 4.6
Kip Wells 4
Jamie Walker 4
Chad Bradford 3.3
Mike Stanton 2.8
Kerry Wood 1.8
Aaron Fultz 1.7
Wade Miller 1.5
Scott Williamson 0.9
Tanyan Sturtze 0.8

5 thoughts on “Glavine and More”

  1. Isn’t it amazing haw far Kerry Wood has fallen. If he and Wade Miller, along with Prior are healthy, the Cubby’s will be a force. based on the ernie Banks syndrome that was discussed a couple of months ago, Soriano may hit 70 HR in Wrigley.

  2. I consider Glavine and Mussina nearly equivalent pitchers at this point, with Glavine’s greater age offset by generally better durability. So getting him for less money and less years is an excellent deal.

  3. Mike, I wold agree with you that Wolf has been on the verge for about 3 years now. If he truely is healthy I think he will be a force, but the true steal may be Wells. If Duncan can work his magic look out.

  4. Just a word of encouragement on the Ring&Bell (heh) for Adkins and Johnson. Adkins just didn’t seem to mesh with the manager and pitching coach in San Diego, and more established relievers resulted in Adkins not getting much work. He might prosper with the Mets. The big thing about trading with the Padres is that Kevin Towers really knows pitching talent and knows enough about infielders to judge how they’ll help pithers, but he seems clueless about developing outfielders. Ben Johnson has potential, but needs to play at the major league level for a couple years before you know what you’ve got. Towers didn’t have the patience for that. Remember, the Padres had Matthews jr. and let him go, then stole Jason Bay only to trade him, while Towers was looking for a center fielder. If KT is as wrong about Johnson as he was about Matthews jr. and Bay, the Mets could have a pretty decent outfielder out of it. One caveat on the trade: Ring & Bell are San Diego areas natives, and they’re moving to a huge pitchers’ park. They’ll likely make the trade look lopsided early on.

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