Dumb de Dumb Dumb

Boy, the Mariners are just idiots, aren’t they? First they trade Rafael Soriano for Horacio Ramirez – at first glance a deal of two young-ish pitchers with good arms and bad injury histories, but really a deal of a guy with a great record (when healthy) as a reliever (2.89 career ERA), who could easily hold down an elite closer job, for a starter who has never pitched decently or had good peripheral numbers at any stage of his career. Then, they trade one of their few promising (albeit also injury-prone) young bats, Chris Snelling, for a manifestly washed-up and expensive Jose Vidro – and, in the process, eliminate the job of 23-year-old Jose Lopez, who for all of his second half swoon last year is a promising young hitter whose top ten comparable players include three Hall of Famers.
Win now, or build around youth. The Mariners will do neither in 2007.

6 thoughts on “Dumb de Dumb Dumb”

  1. They claim Vidro will be the DH, but Snelling and the young arm they gave up seems a little high. That makes three arms the Mariners have lost this offseason. They must have a plan.

  2. Hey how about this one for stupidity?
    The Astros let Pettitte get away when they’d offered him 12 mil, NY had offered him 16, and his agent told the Stros if they’d make it 14 it would probably work.
    If they’d signed him, they would have probably gotten Clemens back next year too. So they would have had a front four of Oswalt, Pettitte, Clemens and Woody Williams.
    After losing Pettitte (remember, over $2 mil) they trade with the Rockies for Jennings. They have to give up Hirsch, Bucholz and Taveras. Jennings will be a free agent at the end of next year.
    So if they don’t sign Jennings next year they’ll have in effect traded Pettitte, Hirsch, Bucholz and Taveras for a one year rental player and 2 million bucks, and they’ll still have a 100 mil payroll.
    I am so pissed. They don’t even have a center fielder anymore and Minute Maid has one of the biggest center fields in baseball.

  3. Regarding Pettite: You may be “pissed” but think about the business illogic of the actual deal.
    The $14mil for year 2 was a hard money commitment by the Astros on a player option. That is that Pettite…FOR ANY REASON…could decide not to play (or get injured…define injury) and the Astros would be obligated to pay. There was simply no way the Astros were going to agree to a player option deal. Simply put…prudent business decision.
    No matter how live Hirsch’s arm…he is a headcase. I predict that Jennings will prove his worth and get an extension at less than pettite numbers. Younger arm vs. Declining Arm (i think pettite was ready to retire but New York baited him) Pettite is going to pitch one year too long than he should

  4. Back to Seattle. The name Bavasi emerges from there somewhere. Isn’t that name associated with “bad luck” in past years and with various franchises?

  5. Now they sign Batista for around $9 million making the Meche deal look like a plum. You aren’t willing to pay Meche but you are willing to dole out just a little less to Batista who is far worse with nearly no upside? How much sense does that make?

  6. As a Braves fan, I’m certainly proud the Mariners GM is an idiot. I for one won’t lose any sleep over not having Horacio around anymore, and just the thought of adding Soriano to our bullpen makes me all giddy inside. When this trade went down, I was so happy that we got Soriano, but then the more I thought about it … I didn’t know what helped the staff more, adding Soriano or dropping Ramirez.

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