What Are You, On Crack?

No, I can’t really top Ace on the Thomas Ravenel story.
Tough week for Rudy Giuliani – Ravenel was the top elected official in his South Carolina campaign, while tops in Iowa was Jim Nussle, who is now headed to DC to be the Budget Director.

18 thoughts on “What Are You, On Crack?”

  1. As usual the Republican get the press while the Dims do the same and worse out of the spotlight.

  2. Why would I get riled? I think most politicians are up to something. It’s the nature of searching for power. However, could you provide some proof that this is the big, bad media cracking (ha) down on the poor, poor GOP while Dems are dealing heroin on street corners?

  3. LOL!!! Abe, your right and Jim I’m not going to take the bait today because it seems I don’t ahve time to argue or chase info. I will say though is the reason you have to ask is because the media is not covering it.

  4. The media has indeed been horribly lax about investigating and publicizing Democrats’ legal and ethical problems…that said, I’m pretty doubtful that the media would just ignore it if a statewide elected Democrat got arrested for selling crack.

  5. Oooh, MI poor day for you when Crank in some way takes my side. In this sphere that’s the equivalent of getting taken out behind the woodshed. Maybe you should do some research, or at least wipe the egg off your face.

  6. Poor babies-it’s just not fair the way the media holds Republican’s feet to the fire.Like with the probing questions they were asking in late 2002.Or today.
    Ravenel,Kerik-Giuliani certainly has an eye for talent.You sure his administration wasn’t the inspiration for The Sopranos?

  7. Jim, I don’t count on Crank (or anyone else) to fight my battles. I also don’t ever EXPECT anyone to agree with me. That is one of the things I served for, to insure my right to have and express my opinion and I try very hard to allow others to do that as well. You don’t have to agree with me and I expect you to try to convert me to your point of view.

  8. Easy there Big Guy. All I asked was for you to show us that this was, as you asserted, the media conspiring to report on drug (dealing) convictions of GOPers while overlooking more nefarious drug dealings of Democrats. I definitely am not trying to convert you to anything, just interested to know if you are interested in backing up your assertions. Perhaps you are closeted Conspiracy Theorist.

  9. Nope, not even going to try. YOu and your buddy didn’t provide any backup for your claims the other day (although you came closer), so why should I.

  10. Wrongo. I was called ignorant for saying gas prices are higher now when adjusted for inflation than in the Carter years. Went and looked it up. To reiterate the Top 10 was 5 years of Reagan 4 years of Bushie Boy and 1 year of Carter. I do back up what I have to say. Nice try though.

  11. Giuliani=Sopranos.
    Shit eating clowns, the both of you. Rudy is a joke, Kerik is a perfect reason to see him as unfit. But the cute analogy above is an example of why you both fail in life. For all his failings, as a husband, prosecutor, mayor, etc; Rudy busted the hell out of the mob. He took a flame thower to that element. For that he has my undying respect. And anyone that ever thries to equate him to the LNC, or any such garbage, is deserving of scorn and ridicule. You have no respect for facts or logic.

  12. As far as I can tell he was equated with a television show. I believe it is known as an analogy. Perhaps taking this a tad too seriously with the personal attacks and all?

  13. Ya got some anger issues there,abe-have your doc write you for some Viagra-I think it might be good for what ails you.
    Let’s see,by your account,he’s failed as husband,mayor,AND prosecutor,although by your account he was a success as prosecutor.
    Maybe whatever victories he did achieve in prosecuting the mob was from some,shall we say,familiarity with the dark side.

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