5 thoughts on “More Links 7/30/07”

  1. Gonzales has some major issues to deal with. He is either so stupid that he shouldn’t be AG, or he is so blindly loyal to his boss (and clearly blind and amnesiac to his oath of office) that he shouldn’t be AG. Well, I guess he’s really both.

  2. You really aren’t going to offer a defense of Gonzales are you? The man is clearly a liar and/or a total idiot (or general syncophant). Even the members of GOP Inc think he is a liar and scoundrel and want him out. Come on, suck it up and say you think he sucks. Everyone else does.

  3. I’m not saying Gonzales is competent. You appear to be saying that even when he tells the truth, he’s lying.
    The facts do matter.

  4. How could you possibly know if he is telling the truth amongst the millions of “I don’t recalls”, “I don’t remembers” and countless contradictions in his testimony or contradictions to other peoples’ testimony. This guy has zero credibility or integrity. If you can discover truth to his statements then you apparently have some ability to decipher Gonzales into truthful English that others lack.

  5. Crank, it’s impossible for anyone with an IQ of a gerbil to not remember what he basically should be. He couldn’t have passed the bar exam with that kind of memory. Hell, he couldn’t find a bar to order a beer with that kind of memory. So if he is telling the truth that he doesn’t remember, he would probably not pass an alzheimer test.
    If he really is that stupid, then his boss should resign for permitting such a moron to be elevated to the exalted post of attorney general. If he’s not that stupid, then he is a base liar. The only thing worse is if he is both.

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